Alfaidh-W depends in performing its activities on highly skilled managers and technical staff that had wide experience in implementing projects and providing services in this field. Those key persons had mange and participate in many projects as a partner with many companies in IRAQ such as:
- Rehabilitation of Gas turbine power plant DURA STATION.
- Rehabilitation of AL DIBIS STATION (Kirkuk).
- Design & Implementation of DC DC converters for AL MOUSL hydro power station.
- Installing (21) 33/11KV Sub-Stations in (Baghdad , Najaf and Nasirya).
- Installing electromechanical work for water treatment stations (Mandily, Nasirya (Al badaa).
- Design and implementation of DC power supplies for many power plants during rehabilitation projects.
- Instrumentation & control system for Al-Aumara Oil product new Depot.


Photos of projects implemented by the company


Photos of industrial projects implemented by the company